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    Le Mozart Noir; Monssieur Joseph de Bologne (Boulogne) - le Chevalier de Saint Georges or Saint George (December 25, 1745 – June 10, 1799).

    Beloved and generous Colonel of the ‘Légion St.-Georges, the first all-black regiment in Europe, fighting on the side of the Republic during the French Revolution. 
    A champion swordsman, a virtuoso violinist and fencer, revered composer and conductor of the leading symphony orchestra in Paris.

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    An interview snippet from the documentary “Wilmington on Fire” of Sandy Darity (Professor of Public Policy, African & African-American Studies and Economics at Duke University) as he talks about why are people so against African-American’s getting Reparations.

    “ The Angry Black Woman is a racist trope used to deny black women their humanity. Black women aren’t allowed to be complicated — they’re just angry. Black women aren’t allowed to be upset or vulnerable — they’re just angry. Black women are not allowed justifiable reactions to the myriad of bullshit — racist, sexist and otherwise — that they face. Oh, you know those black ladies are just so angry all the time. ”


    Everyone Will Miss Otis

    "I can work with pretty near any blues singer there is, I don’t care what kind. As long as they play the blues, and, uh, rock and roll, I can work with them."

    Not many blues players could make that kind of claim, but Otis Spann, whose piano playing was the driving force in the Muddy Waters band for nearly 20 years, could speak with authority. More than almost any other blues instrumentalist, he brought a unique combination of forcefulness and sensitivity to his playing, and whether he was accompanying Chuck Berry or Little Walter or Sonny Boy Williamson or Buddy Guy he always indicated his sympathy for their style by some subtle variation in his approach. He left his mark on every record on which he played, and when he died this month at the age of 40 there was no one to take his place.

    Some friends of Otis Spann’s were recently asked, separately, to talk about him. They included Muddy Waters, bassist Willie Dixon, drummer Sam Lay and guitarist Mike Bloomfield.


    During my time in Ethiopia, I met many people who rely on health care outposts like the one seen in the bottom two pictures here. Through these outposts, children and families get vaccines, diagnoses, and treatment for diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia.

    But most of these families, and most of their health care facilities, don’t have regular access to clean water. When I asked people about their greatest needs, almost all of them—from the Women’s Health Army volunteers to children—cited clean water first.

    More than 45 million Ethiopians live without clean water. I spoke to women who walk miles every other day with heavy jerrycans to get drinking water for their families. The people I met explained how lack of clean water is a health problem, a financial problem, and a family problem.

    So for the next week nerdfighteria is teaming up with to raise money to build sustainable wells so that more than 4,000 people in Ethiopia can have clean water. Please join me in donating—or, if you can’t, in spreading the word. Thanks, and DFTBA.

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    black excellence

    No, human excellence.

    Let’s talk about set theory! In mathematical logic, we have a subfield called “set theory” where we study how items are collected into groups.

    Providing a sort of logical bedrock, set theory informs foundational mathematics and computer science, among other fields, and continues to be a topic of mathematical research.

    Sound too esoteric? Okay, you’re familiar with Venn diagrams, right? Venn diagrams are an example of basic set theory.


    And you know how all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares? There we go, more set theory.

    So, Black people are group within the larger group humans, i.e. all Black people are humans, BUT not all humans are Black people.

    As you can see in the photograph above, Keven Stonewall, the Chicago teen who may cure colon cancer, is Black. Keven Stonewall’s membership in other groups such as humans, Chicagoans and teenagers occurs simultaneously; consider “Chicago teen.”

    Why do we say “square” when we could say “rectangle”? Because “square” conveys useful information, including “rectangle”—as well as a refinement.

    When we say Keven Stonewall is an example of Black excellence, we mean Keven Stonewall is an example of Black excellence.

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